May as well edit then

Published: Wednesday, 13 May 2015 12:08

Long time between shoots

As with Wasteland (which took many years to complete) Vengeance is going to be a long slog. With so many characters, I think we have somewhere in the region of 40 speaking parts compared with 5 in Wasteland, as well as numerous extras the logistics of organising each shoot day is nothing short of a herculean effort. So in the mean time I'm settling down with my computer and a newly installed version of Premiere Pro and I'm going to start work on a rough cut edit of a the scenes we've shot.

Tom editing

I did the same when I was making Wasteland and I found it to be quite an interesting process. Althoguh I would much rather have a single block of filming and just get stuck into the story and character and not have to start over again each time we start filming due the the length of time in between each shoot, it does however give me the oportunity to sit back and watch the film come together and see if there are any potential issues or things that are not clear and get ahead of them. Things that you write seem great on paper and then seem great when the actors perform he scene but then as the film builds together it may seem that the scene doesn't fit in the overall vision of the film. This has happened a couple of time with Vengeance where we filmed a scene in what turned out to be a wrong location. Just need to get more footage shoot now so I can start putting a trailer together.