Filming talking in cars!!

Published: Friday, 20 March 2015 12:08

This is going to be straight forward!!! Or is it?

This week we're filming our first scenes of our characters talknig in cars. The first scene weren't that difficult to get us started one or two camera angles and one or 2 lines of dialogue and move on. But then we came to what is quite an intense scene whih happens early on in the film and suddenly everything changed. In the scene 4 people talk in the car, so far not too bad, but then we had to start thinking very carefully about how we position the car against the green screen so that we could make the best use of it. Some of the shots I want had to be ditched straight away and we didn't have a large enough screen. Then we started to work on the essential shots for the scene, all the time keeping in mind that we needed to match the footage that we were going to getting on the GoPro with the right angle we were shooting the car on. With all of these things a constant thought it made it much more challenging than I thought it was going to be.

Stevens talking to Caine in the car David and Carla in the car

After a few hours thing started moving much quicker. That when we had to move the car. As it was a simple flip around of the it really meant the lighting could stay the same and we could crack on with all the reverse shots. By this point we were all in a good flow.

When I was much younger I saw the Spielberg film Duel (still one of my favourite films) and loved how the driver (Dennis Weaver) looked to be in the environment, you feel the air and dust getting kicked up by his car speeding along. I thought then why would anyone want to use rear projection or green screen. None of it can match shooting while the car is moving. To ome degree I still feel like, however, thers no way I would have got the shots I got on the shot this week without shooting on green screen. Plus the safety element really can't be understated.