And...we're rolling!!!

Published: Thursday, 12 March 2015 12:08

Now that the elation of completing Wasteland has died down a bit our attention turns to the next project that we will be filming.


Every day that David wakes up and he sees his wife. Carla. he can't believe his luck. She's ambitious, confident, strong and so physically beautiful. He realy is the luckiest man. All they'd need now is some children to complete their family...

That is until David's world is turned upside down when Carla is taken from him in a savage kidnapping.

Many years have passed, and David is no closer gaining information on whether Carla is dead or alive. So he takes matters into his own hands... And isn't afraid to kill anymore who grets in his way of finding out the truth.

Vengeance is going to be very different to Wasteland. Most because its a completely different genre, also because of the size of the cast and the amount of scenes we have to cover. I'm very excited to get stuck in.

So this week we've started!!!

Car driving at nightFilming on green screen with mike

We've been out and about filming driving shots at the start of the week, not very glamourous but its been an interesting introduction to the project. Then towards the end of this week we've started filming with our Lead actor Sukie Ghajminger. Be sure to follow us on facebook to keep us upto date with how we get on.